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Welcome to Ljubljana 7 julio, 2012

Posted by jmorsa in En English, EVS.

As I promised, I´m here again to talk about my experience in my EVS.
Today I want to talk you about the country where I will live during this year, after this, a little about my house, and finally about my colleagues, whom I share this adventure this year –when I say “year” I want to say since june 2012 at june 2013-.
Well, let’s start;
Although in my first reflection I didn´t know how many times I said “Slovenia”, I have seen in my Spanish blog and my twitter –Caminante no hay camino and jmorsa respectively- that people always makes mistakes with other countries and provinces as Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania or Slavonia –WTF!-.
I live in Slovenia, one country that has hen form, and for this reason the people calls to Slovenia “slovenska kokoš” – Slovenian hen-.  Slovenia is a smaller than the province of Badajoz -in extension- and the capital, Ljubljana, has almost the same population that Gijón -yes, Ljubljana, not I but J, for example Tania, isn´t Tania, is “Tanja”-.
In Ljubljana you can´t see the characteristic stress of the big European capitals, even it seems very similar to Rivas Vaciamadrid -smaller, but similar-. In the bus the people doesn´t respect that you are waiting more time than them, bicycles everywhere, where I have everything close because I´m living in the center.
The house where I live is in the street “Osojna” –well, good, more than street, is a path- and this word in Slovenian means murky –At least that is I think because I don´t know a lot of Slovenian language, I only have a good dictionary -. This street goes to the castle, and this has advantages because you always have tourists -especially on weekends when they climb to the castle to see the panoramic view, but also disadvantages, because when I go shopping and I take a lot of bags, it´s really a nightmare :(.
The house has two floors, a first floor with the kitchen –with a fridge that I have to share with others two volunteers-, the bathroom –where if you don´t to turn on the light, the washing machine doesn´t work- and the living room –full of things of the birthday parties- and the second floor where are the bedrooms and where I have to share my room with Segundo, his suitcase and mine.
My colleagues need a separate reflection, though I can talk a little of them.  On one hand the Spanish boy, is a boy that I knew before, even -as I said the other day- we ask to participate in this project together and the other hand the Turkish, a 22 years old boy who likes manga and to learn bad words in others idioms. 🙂
However, although in my sending organization said me that I would share my house with two volunteers, I think that we should have a mummy living with us, because each night one the rolls of toilet paper disappears –but leaves us the cardboard tube on the washing machine-.
Finally, see you in my next post, thank you for read me and to Segundo for help me again, step by step,  step by step… 🙂


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