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My job! 13 julio, 2012

Posted by jmorsa in Educación, En English, EVS.


Welcome to another day in my new life. Today I thought that I could speak about what I did in my arrival training where I met to others volunteers and I learned more about my rights and my organization but as I have published these adventure in my Spanish blog, today I speak you about my host organization; Društvo Ustvarjalcev Taka Tuka :).
Taka Tuka is an organization or as my boss say “a artist association” that work with children and families in “the wonderful theatre world”, called so because is a little tribute to Astrid Lindgren -the writer of the Pippi Langstrump story-. The true is that Taka Tuka is a organization that make theatrical workshops with children, and also birthday parties in the garden of my home.
Usually, I don’t work in Taka Tuka if isn’t to make cardboard hats and props to the birthday parties, or as these weeks where I am working in a project with Chengdu -a chinese city twinned with Ljubljana- in where from Taka Tuka has selected several drawings made by slovene children of different schools of all country basing these drawing in one chinese story called “Maliang and the Magic Pen”.  
The story “Maliang and the Magic Pen” is the story of one kid that likes drawing and drew pictures everywhere. One night, he dreamed that an old man gave him a magic paintbrush and asked him to use it to help poor people. When he woke up, he found the magic paintbrush in his desk.

From that day on, he used the paintbrush whenever people needed help. When he saw that people had no water to use in the fields, he drew a river and the river came to life. People could bring water from the river to the field and save a lot of time and energy.
When he saw it was difficult for people to till lands, he drew a cow and the cow came to life. People could use the cow to till lands very easily. 
So when he saw the peoples’ troubles, he would use his magic paintbrush to help. Then many people knew about the magic paintbrush.
But a few days later, the rich man whom Ma Liang helped heard that the magic paint brush could turn everything to life. He was a bad man so he had an idea to steal the paint brush from the young man. He knew that he could make a lot of money by turning things to life and keeping them, so he sent some people to the Ma Liang’s home and took him to the prison. He got the magic paintbrush and felt very happy.
Then he invited a lot of his friends to come to his home and showed them the magic paintbrush. He drew a lot of pictures, but they could not become real. He was very angry and asked some people to get Ma Liang.

When Ma Liang came, he said to him, “If you draw some pictures for me and turn them to life, I will set you free.” The young man knew that he was a bad man in the village. Of course he did not want to help him. He had an idea. He said to the bad man, “I can help you, but you should obey your words.”

The bad man felt very happy and said, “I want a golden mountain. I will go there to gather gold.” The young man drew a sea first. The bad man was angry and said,” Why did you draw a sea? I do not want this. I want a golden mountain. Draw it quickly.”

Then the young man drew a golden mountain which was far away from the sea. The bad man saw that and felt very happy. He said, “Draw a big ship quickly. I want to go there to gather gold.” The young man smiled quietly and drew a big ship. The bad man jumped into the ship first and a lot of his family and friends jumped in too. When the ship sailed to the middle of the sea, the young man drew a large wave and it destroyed the ship. So the bad man and his friends died.


After that, the young man lived with his family happily and kept on helping the poor people. So the magic paintbrush was known by everyone.
Well, returning the topic of my work, as I said “Usually, I don’t work in Taka Tuka”, I work -although, I only worked more or less one month because I arrived to Ljubliana in the end of the course- in the Zavod za gluhe in naglušne -a deaf school where you can find students with different kind of disabilities as deaf, autism etc-.
So … What will be my job?
So, the true that I don´t know but -apart of the cardboard hats and props to the birthday parties of Taka Tuka- with my few time with the children and the things that Segundo said me about his job, my job in this centre will be on one hand in the deaf school helping to one teacher and to her group as auxiliary teacher and on the other hand helping to Veronika -my boss- and others carers that needed me in the “dom” or as Veronika call it in english “boarding house”; one kind of students residence, because a lot of school´s children live out to Ljubljana, and is better for them to sleep in the capital to go to school that to wake up very very early and that their parents of families -that sure they work-  brought them to school every day.
So … What will happen in September?
I don’t know but for the time being, I’m taking ideas to make and start this september with illusion and change :).
So, if you want to know what will pass this september or in this volunteer you must follow reading, but overcoat writing some comment, lol 😀
See you!!


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