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I must… 9 mayo, 2013

Posted by jmorsa in En English, Epifanias Varias, EVS.

Long time ago, concretely in September 2011, I wrote a post about “my proposals to the next year.  Yes, while people decide quit smoking or go to the gym each 31 of December, I continue believing that my new year starts in September, as in the school.

In this post, I spoke about my proposals and I said that for me to make proposals was hypocrite, because it doesn’t matter the illusion which you start your proposal that after to one more -or sometimes even before- you forget and pretend that nothing happened. For this reason i prefered to become my “proposals” in “duties”, and the true is that was not too bad, 8.2 of 12 – This 0.2 is because I have half proposal that I haven´t finished yet-… but, it is very good, no? :¬)

The thing is that today i want to add more “duties” to my list. This doesn’t mean that I will go to forget my last list, but my list will grow a little with the difference that I need to get the new “duties” before to leave Slovenia – now I´m sure that you will understand why I speak in this post in English-.

So, I end to justify this post and let´s go with the important, welcome to my new list of duties:

– Throw my old shoes. When I came to Ljubljana, I bought shoes –ok, well, various, but now I speak about of shoes concretely-. They were not very old but with the obligations of my boss as cutting the grass or painting the association where I work, they gradually have deteriorated such that when it´s raining and I come home, I need to change my socks because they are wet, and when it´s cold I have the fingers of my feet frozen. For this reason I have decided to throw my shoes of a special form; on the bridge of shoemakers!

The bridge of shoemakers or Cobbler’s Bridge (http://bit.ly/188tZd1) was probably the oldest bridge of medieval Ljubljana that connected the banks of the Ljubljanica between Tranča and the present Jurčičev trg. The tourist guides said that probably it was a drawbridge set up in the 13th century where the shoemakers had their workshops -for this reason it has this name- and it was replaced in 1867 for bridge of cast-iron.

It has passed a long time since this date, and even the bridge has undergone various renovations including one of the great architect Plečnik who I spoke you in other post, and besides at moment the shacks for the shoemakers have disappeared but to remember these trades, I don´t know if the people or the government -other people said that are the erasmus- have put a rope between two houses in a side of the bridge and they have hanged a lot of shoes.

Well then, for this reason I said you that I want to throw my shoes on the bridge of shoemakers, because I don’t want to throw them to the water but hang them in the rope.

– To write a letter to the children of ZNGL. A year is a lot of time, and thereby also a lot of feeling. I think that everyone has lived the same situation; a boss or bastard principal that only think in his/her own benefits without thought in the others. For this reason, when you go to work and see your children, you concentrate on forget all the bad and enjoy. To dedicate your smiles and your effort in who is really important, or better; who really deserves it; the children. Because I don´t know if you -my little reader- feel so, but for me, the children have been the reason to continue in this volunteer. 

For this reason and for the blame that haven’t a Slovenian’s lessons well worthy, I thought that would be a good way to say them good bye. And yes I said “thought”, because I yesterday i finished my letter but only need that my English teacher -that i suppose that he has holidays this week- translate me this letter to Slovenian language because not all the children know speak English perfectly and want that they understand it good -So, I think that I can cross out this duty, before besides of uploading the post, haha-.

 – To finish my youthpass -it easy to write the things that you has ended, specially if it has been today when after to three days of suffering more other days gathered the actions by competences at last you have finished to redact its-. Everyone says that the worst of European volunteering is the end and now I understand the why. I’m not talking about the volunteer’s emotional curve that l toll you previously in other post, neither to say goodbye to a comfort zone to which you have accustomed –you know it; a boss, a children, a house, a society…-, I speak you about so-called “YOUTHPASS” -¡chan-chan!-. The “youthpass” is a document that describes what the volunteer have done and learnt in his/her European Volunteer Service through 8 competences -a kind of non formal CV-. Everything would be easy if it was not because you have to write it in English, and also to reflect that you have done and learnt in -my case- a year -¡A YEAR!- WTF! 

Fortunately, I have had a coordinator that “obligated me” -not obligate a lot, only each week repeated me the important that was to write which had done that week- to write all the things that I had done per week, because if not… puff!!! I don´t want to imagine it! :¬)

Although the thing is curious, because in this paper has to help you your mentor and the coordinator, and anybody help me with this, only Segundo, only -and according my coordination because i haven´t proofs- my coordinator has saved the documents that i sent her during my volunteer, so… i don´t know, to help… if she said it… no comments :¬)

– Go to Sarajevo. The capital of the Olympic Games in the year when I was born is only to 389.6 km of distance of Ljubljana -a travel Madrid to Bilbao- but with the difference that if you take one train to Bilbao from Madrid is only 5 hours while here is whole night. It doesn’t matter if I wait whole night, it´s a different day, and after I can return in the same bus to Ljubljana, no? The reason to go to this capital is not only to go to other country, or to have other patch for my collection, is because I know all the important cities of Slovenia for visiting other volunteers and also, to make a trip from Spain to Sarajevo is too much expensive -as the people said in Spain “white and in a bottle”, no?-.

– Take a picture in front of Instituto Cervantes of Ljubljana. as you probably know in all my trips always i take a picture fron of the Centro Cervantes of the city which I visit, for me is a must see, and i have photos in the Instituto Cervantes of Berlín, Belgrade, Skopje, Brussels, Bucharest, Vienna, Bratislava and Sofia.

– Go to Postojna Jama. I know that before I told you that I know all the important cities of Slovenia for visiting other volunteers, but it´s not totally true.

I visited Koper (Liisi), Novo Mesto (Goram), Velenje (Paula and Nalan), Maribor (Edu), Ptuj, Ravne na Korosken, Bled, Piran… but I still need to visit a city that wanted to visit even before to arrive to Ljubljana; Postojna.

 It lies at the north end of the Pivka River valley and due to convenient transportation routes and its location between Ljubljana, Trieste, Gorizia, and Rijeka has long been the administrative and economic center of the Notranjska region. Although is not its location which I care, which I want to see is its cave.

Postojna Cave (http://bit.ly/12OUalX) is a network of 20 kilometres of passages, galleries and chambers underground near Postojna –because to arrive to the cave you need to walk at least half hour- that is -maybe- one of the more tourist sites of Slovenia. It was discovered accidentally in 1818 and according to the Slovenian people the largest cave in the “classic karst”.

For this and because also I want to see the “Proteus anguinus” -a kind of small lizard that has the skin like the skin of a human being- I want to go and to say that I have stayed in all the tourist sites of this country -ok, I need to go also to “Predjama castle”, that also it is in Postojna, but without car and staying in the other part of the city, I prefer lose it-. Ok, I didn´t go it, but I went to other less famous cave in -Županova jama (http://www.zupanovajama.si/)- in Grosuplje with my best slovenian friend -Alenka- and Segundo, passing maybe the better weekend of my EVS in Slovenia.

– To write my pending posts. As you -I suppose- know, I start to write post in English since i came to Ljubljana. For this reason and because I don´t know if I will continue with this kind of post when I return to Spain, I have various unfinished post in a word in the desktop of my computer and I would like to publish them in this blog before that I end my EVS.

I don´t want to speak about all of this, because I know that it will go to be a hard task to finish all -you know; to think and write in English, that Segundo corrects my mistakes….- but however I will speak you about one of them; the second part of my “undiscovered secrets of Ljubljana”. :¬)

– To finish “Gargoyles”. (http://bit.ly/6njKf) When I arrived to Ljubljana, I began to remember the TV series of my childhood and preadolescence and I thought it would be good to see some of them as “Mofli, last koala” and other. This the case of “Gargoyles”, a TV serie created by Greg Weisman  that i’m liked when I was 10 or 11 years old and never could finish it because I started the high school and even the last season only was emitted in Canal + and channels of the digital TV. For this reason and thanks to youtube I want to remember not only  the episodes that I saw but also which I lost them, a total of 72 episodes and 3 seasons with characters among others like Goliath or David Xanatos. I like it, but I recognize that I was over the TV serie in the episode 65 -although the introductions of Goliath in the last season are brilliant, haha-.

– To eat “čevapčiči” and “pizza burek”. I know that the “čevapčiči” is a plate typical of Lebanon, and it can that Can have the reason when he says that de “pizza burek” is original of Turkey but this plates -together with the Mexican restaurant- was the first plates that I ate in Slovenia, and for this reason and before to leave Slovenia I want to taste them one more time. Specially the “čevapčiči” in Sarajevo’ 84, a local with the yugoslav estetic of the olympic games of the year when I was born.

– To donate my things. During this volunteer service, my roommates and me have bought a lot of things to use in the kitchen or in the house. It is supposed that your hosting organization is the ressponsible to this kind of things. But my organization, I don´t know if incidentally or not don´t buy nothing for us till November -after to 6 months for me but 11 for the first volunteer that came in January the last January 2012; 11 months!-.

For this reason, I know that there aren’t a lot of things; two pans, a coffe pot, cups… but I don´t want that after to my EVS, my organization have this things, or worst, they will throw it and because as I am the last volunteer in this house, I want to donate it to other volunteers, or church near of my house.

– To return to Neboticnik to drink a coffee. Originally designed as an eight-storey building, was designed by Vladimir Šubic -it is strange that Plečnik didn’t design its-, the Nebotičnik -in Slovene would be skyscraper- is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks.  With 70 meters, it was the tallest building in Balkans and the ninth tallest building in Europe at the time of completion and now the fourth, it has a café on the top where the tourists and the posh people of Ljubljana go to drink or eat something.

I’m not posh, but recognize that I went to this building to drink a coffee a winter day with a lot of sun -for Ljubljana, and even in winter, very very strange- and it is for this and because I think that is good form to say goodbye to the city, it´s a of the last things that I want to do, joined the adventure of the Cobbler’s Bridge.

– To find a tree. Though I am a little against this “duty”, i want to find a tree to mark my name on it. I know that it´s a savagery, that the poor tree doesn´t have the blame, but i would like to mark a tree to when after to 5 years –o more-, when I return again to Slovenia, I can see if this tree continue live or not, and if my mark endures or not. 

– To record two videos. It seems a joke, but in the two posts of this topic I speakyou about that I have to make and editing a video. And the thing is in this occasion I need to make two videos; one for a birthday of a friend and other to remember and show to the people that haven´t visited me, they can see the city where I live during all this year -that for first time, it started in January. 

At finally, I think I will end here my “duties”, for two reasons; because when Segundo will see it and have to correct all my mistakes he will shock it, and because as people say “do not bite off more that you can chew”.

See you!



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