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Seven more undiscovered secrets of Ljubljana 26 mayo, 2013

Posted by jmorsa in En English, EVS.

As I promised before to leave Slovenia, I wanted to finish some posts that I started in a word document lost in my desktop. For this, and as I don´t know if I will finish all of them, I have preferred to prioritize and today I present you the second part of  “undiscovered secrets of Ljubljana” adding  7 more.

Even and as I told before in that post, the premise of the “undiscovered secrets of Ljubljana” is that you can go in any time of year in this city and of course; for free!

So, let´s start!

#1. Emona.

Short for Colonia Iulia Aemona, was a Roman castrum in the Ljubljana Basin, on the banks of the river Ljubljanica. It was part of the Pannonia or Illyricum as other cities like Nauportus (now Vrhnika), Celeia (now Celje) or Poetovio (now Ptuj).

Emona was defended with 29 towers, which were built every 60 meters along the walls. Former decumanus and cardo are today’s Rimska and Slovenska streets, where a large new presentation in the opposite of the Uršulinke church reveals the findings of the latest excavations on Congress Square -Kongresni trg- or also the roman forum, the remains of a baptistery with a pool, mosaics, and part of portico can be seen at Erjavčeva 18, next to Cankarjev dom Culture and Congress Centre -although honestly, I don’t understand yet the pyramid that you can see on one side of the old wall (see picture); what happened? did they don’t know what do with the stones and put them as they thought that they were good?-.

#2. Palača slovenskega parlamenta(Slovenian parliament palace)

Located in Šubičeva Street at Republic Square in the center of Ljubljana, was designed by the architect Vinko Glanz in 1959 while the figures on the entrance portal was work of sculptor Charles Putrih and Zdenko Kalin. For those of you interested in politics is curious because for example the hemicycle –ok, well, in this case it is a full cycle- is completely round, and for the people that likes the history too, because in the main hall you can know the history of Slovenia from the Stone age understanding the importance of historic characters like Prešeren – and it´s not a joke-, but without Tito ;¬).  It is very interesting and if you want a tourist guide and take pictures, the best is to go the second Saturday of the month because usually the weekend it is closed.

#3. Little Spain

I know that if you are Spanish and you go to other country, to visit “Little Spain” is not absolutely necesary. But for a Spanish boy that have lived during a year in this city, it´s so funny find a small street near the center –Resljeva cesta- where you can see things like “Trgovina Bonita” -trgovina means shop in Slovenian-, other with the name “manjana” -that read it’s mañana- or even a shop with fresh products -according with its owners- of Soria. Ok, I know that it´s not free, that if you go to some of them you need money to buy the things they sell, but you can understand that I´m Spanish and for me it´s very curious to discover things like this located about 1600 km away from Madrid.

5# Pionirska proga (A pioneering course)

Between 1948 and 1954, between Rose Valley -Rožna dolina-, Koseze and Podutik –sic- and following the example of the railways of the children, who in 1930’s occurred in the Soviet Union, Ljubljana built his own railroad pioneer with 3,819 km long.

As Slovenia is a tiny country, and because all the population had visited this attraction -in 1948, 49,830 tickets were sold, in 1949, 46,240 tickets and Slovenia only has 2,047,000 inhabitants-, in just two years the project was abandoned, and currently you only can see the old station of Deer Gutter stay -Jelenov Žleb- and of course the path, that become a bike way where you can see other curious points of the city -that will not appear in any tourist guide- as an old ski ramp, a small pond where the people go to fish -Koseski bajer- that in winter it´s frozen, and smell the delicious shit of the animals of the zoo because the way pass nearby.  

6# Chess in the library

If you are bored and the weather is not favorable, you can go to the Central Library of Ljubljana in Kersnikova ulica 2. There, besides to discover the fantastic murals that lead the different stairs of Andreja Zarja, the exposure of a library of the XIX century, and the little collection of Spanish books that you can find, you can play chess and read -if you understand Slovenian- newspapers and magazines -ok, I think that as every city, isn´t?- But if you live in Ljubljana, and specially if you know how is the weather in this city, why not?.

7# Just around the corner

To live in a town so small during one year makes me that because of boredom, decide to walk and discover all its corners. From the more tourist place till the more marginal neighborhood and of course, a normal tourist would never notice of this place, even I’d bet that neither the Slovenians, but as it says in the title of my blog “Caminante no hay camino” -walker, there is no path- this author have seen a lot of things.

Some people will say “buah”, other “oh, curious!” and I tell you that ok, despite “all that glitters is not gold”, for a person that live in a small city like Ljubljana during a year and habituated to a big city “the different is noticeable”

I have seen boats inside homes (Grudnovo nabrežje ulica), trains inside gardens (Langusova ulica), murals on the facades (Mirje ulica), and you? Because I don’t want to tell you all the things that you can find. If you have found other things, or you have seen this things -or the other things that I wrote in the other post-, please write me a comment, it´s like all this things; free!! haha.

Thank you for reading me and I hope that with this someone can discover a different Ljubljana; a less tourist Ljubljana, a Ljubljana more daily. A city that has received me during throughout a year and which I hope a day -in the future- come back.

Se vidimo and hvala Ljubljana!



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